Integration from Fibre to Fabric...
Perfect Balance Of Strength And Smoothness...

In the 80+ Years Of The History Textile Division Has Transformed From Bharat Vijay Mill To an Integrated Part Of Sintex Group.

1931      Incorporated as Bharat Vijay Mills on 1st June 1931.
1955      Present management took over.
1982      Listed at ASE and at BSE.
1993      BVM Introduced high quality Corduroy fabric in Indian. Market.
1995      Introduction of Cotton Yarn Dyed Shirting.
1997      Installation of Picanol Rapier looms.
2001      Commissioning of state of art process house with a capacity of 80,000 mpd.
2002      Largest Installation of Picanol Looms under single roof in India.
2003      Join venture collaboration with Italian shirt manufacturer CANCLINI SpA.
2004      Launch of European Design Catalogue for Indian RMG companies.
2005      Installation of ORACLE APPS fully integrated ERP system.
2006      installation of GAS Turbine for Uninterrupted Power and Steam supply.
2008      Introduction of Jacquard for shirting.
2009      Home Furnishing division with 18 Rapier Jacquard Looms.