Integration from Fibre to Fabric...
Perfect Balance Of Strength And Smoothness...


Our Spinning division is efficient due to the application of our rich knowledge and the investment in best-in-use equipment. We have Cotton Ring Spinning. All the Machines Equipped with new technology from Trumac and Rieter. Company has about 21600 Ring Spindles. We have capacity to produce 10 tons of single spun Combed Yarn per day in the Count range of Ne 10 to Ne 120 and 1 tons of Carded Yarn Per day.
Our Winding section also employs the most modern technology. We have capacity to rewind 19 tons of Grey and Dyed Yarn with High speed winding machines like ; Auto corner - Schlafhorst comprises of model 238 & 338 , Muratec 7V, PS Metler 148-K, VERAS Winding machine ,Yarn Singeing and ElGI Yarn Conditional Machine.
Yarn Dyeing
Our Yarn dyeing plant is fully automatic plant with , Fong’s and Go-Front Machines with air-pad system with saving of water during dyeing with Azo free Dyes. 11 Tons capacity of Dyeing and 13.5 tons for drying. We have China Made Go –Front’s Machines for Beam dyeing with Air Pad System. We have Hong Kong made Fong’s Machines with different capacity to dye , 2.4 kg to 1037.4 Kg
Loom Shed
Our loom shed is contemporary, built to accommodate sophisticated equipments like Rapier looms. Sintex has the single-largest Rapier loom capacity in Asia. Weaving have capacity to produced 60000 meters fabrics with 348 looms in mix of , Rapier and Air jet technology. It has capability to produce 100 % cotton, and poly cotton blended fabrics in large variety of weights, weaves and counts. To meet the rich trendy needs we have added 18 Jacquard looms. These machines are picanols well supported with preparatory machines from Auto corner 238-338 , Hacoba Sectional Warping , Sucker Muller Sizing Muller Sizing Machine, Stubali Delta-200 & 110 From Germany & Italy.
We have to capacity to Processed the 80000 meters per day with Continuous Bleaching range ,Mercerizer and shrinking range from Goller Germany. We apply the different kind of finishes and coating to add value to the Finished Product.
We have capacity to dyed 40000 meters per day with Continuous Dyeing Range, we are using different kind of dyes for piece dyeing fabrics with Azo free dyes.
Our Lab & QC Department is fully computerized and well quipped. The Equipment includes User HVI 900 , User Tester 4-SX, and User Classmate CMT-3,Data Colour Matching system SF-600 ,X-rite i7 Colour matching system, Auto lab 40 Dispensing System, Labortex Padder , dryer pad steam , Hang JIE Cheese Yarn Dyeing Machines, Paramount Tensile Tester, Tear Tester and Others.