Integration from Fibre to Fabric...
Perfect Balance Of Strength And Smoothness...

Sintex believes that the quality of final product comes through proper blending of technology and the systems in the organizations.
Fully computerized & well–equipped in-house laboratory ensures high quality parameters from fiber to finished fabric including all other inputs.
The Equipment include Uster HVI 900 Classic, Uster UT4-SX and Uster Classmate CMT-3 For testing a physical Properties of yarn and cotton bales under "SQC(Static Quality Control)".
The Equipment include Data color Matching System. Labortex Padder, Dryer and Pad Steam. Hang JIE Cheese Yarn Dyeing Machines ,Paramount Tensile Tester ,Tear Tester & Others under R & D Department(LAB).
We got the accreditation certificates of our Lab Technicians for through color evaluation, for Prestigious customers like GAP , Ann Taylor, M&S and Target , on new X-rite i7 color matching system.
Our state-of-art equipment is bench marked with what is used by the global majors.
Well-Equipped Physical and chemical testing laboratory to check al incoming material and finished products for their strength and colour fastness, washing properties, shrinkages, Strength and shading ,etc .as per international norms
The Quality of fabric is checked at grey and finished stages under 4-pont grading sysetm.Finally folding and packing department has roll to roll inspection facilities to ensure fault-free longer quality fabric prior to its delivery to customers.
We have got the prestigious certificates for our fabric,like Oeko-Tex std 100 Certificate , Fair Trade Certificate & GOTS Certificate for 100 % Organic Cotton Fabric.
Over and above TPM Culture retains the blend quality system in the Organization.